Yoga Testimonials

“My experience at Shanti Yoga Shala is very difficult to put into words because it literally changed my life. First of all, the way the opportunity to come train at the Shala was the perfect way to start what would be a beautiful journey. I was looking for teacher trainings in the New Orleans area and I happened to come across a Vinyasa Teacher Training. which was exactly what I was looking for. At the moment I was in Panama (where I am from) and I immediately called Nathalie to book a spot and the training happened to be full. Luckily for me we had an immediate connection (over the phone!!) and she promised that if someone cancelled she would call me right away and because the Universe works in wonderful ways that is exactly what happened next.
The day she called to let me know someone had cancelled was probably the happiest day of 2014!!

After that things just got better. In a short period of 5 months my life changed. I had turned around the way I practiced, I had learned more than in the past 3 years of college, I was able to begin teaching in the beautiful space, and I became part of an amazing family , the Shanti Yoga Love Warriors. Nathalie and the whole Shanti Yoga Family are definitely a blessing and they were put in my way to help me grow and blossom. The Shala became my second home while I was in New Orleans and I miss it every single day. I recommend coming to practice here and I definitely recommend taking the Teacher Training if you wish to deepen your practice and/or teach. As I said before, my experience at Shanti changed my life and I am infinitely grateful <3 Namaste, Aurora Brenes "

” Nathalie – Before I moved to Hawaii, you were my yoga teacher in New Orleans. I so appreciate how you embody kindness, grace, and really miss your Smartflow classes at your studio! (I was so lucky to live 2 blocks from your studio and walk to class!) I always felt on top of the world after your classes- awakened – physically, mentally, and spiritually. That feeling inspires me to share that, and continue the path as a yoga teacher. You made the practice safe, challenging, intelligent, accessible, inspired, and without ego. I also appreciate your humility to continue learning and contribute to your students learning by bringing in other excellent teachers for workshops (like philosophy & mythology with James Boag). Hopefully, I’ll get to join you and Annie Carpenter someday in L.A. I appreciate your beautiful spirit, your devotion as a teacher, and your warm friendship! Keep shining!” – Lauren Seaman

” I have been doing yoga at Shanti for almost 2 years now. While I have tried other studios, Shanti is by far my favorite. The teachers are amazing! I have never had a bad class there and I love the energy you get when the class is full, which is most of the time.The studio is a shotgun which warms up nicely. It is a great place to get your sweat on, which I love. The class size is perfect, which allows the teachers to give everyone individual attention and adjustments. The teachers know how to help and motivate you so you get whatever it is you are looking for out of your practice. I have also done many of the programs Shanti has offered. They have all been beneficial and helped me progress within my own practice. Nathalie’s vast yoga background has really helped me bring my practice to the next level. Also, each teacher at Shanti has a different style, so I am always getting something great out of each class.I would recommend Shanti to anyone who wants to start practicing yoga, or who practices regularly. You will feel like part of a community at Shanti, which is something you may not get from larger studios. Shanti will help you strive to be a better practitioner and person.” – Jessica Galetz

” Nathalie is the most amazing teacher! Her extensive Yoga training (Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois) and her charming charisma makes her a WORLD class teacher. She is beautiful, young, and dynamic. Her classes surpass any other type of Yoga class I have ever been to. Nathalie introduced me to Ashtanga Yoga back in 2002. She literally changed my life. New Orleans is so lucky to have Nathalie and Shanti Yoga Shala. I pray she never leaves us!”
-Dianna Figueroa-Ramos

” After moving back to New Orleans from San Francisco, it was very challenging for me to find a yoga studio or instructor that could compare to those that I had become accustomed to in CA. So I was thrilled to discover Nathalie and have been doing yoga with her ever since (it’s been about 2 years). I am excited she is opening her own studio and encourage everyone to take a class with her. You will be hooked just like I was! No matter where you are in your practice; beginner, advanced and anywhere in between, you will find that her classes allow you to explore and test your own limits in a safe and beneficial way. Best Energy in town! Om Shanti.” – Katherine England

” Nathalie Croix of Shanti Yoga Shala has a beautiful soul that radiates to everyone she meets. If you want to enjoy a wonderful yoga class complete with good music, beautiful shakti, and a teacher that will guide you into the “edge” of your pose this is the place. Prices are great: $6 for students, $9 for a drop in and various other packages. Nathalie really loves and knows yoga and it shows in her teaching. The current venue, although subject to change, is also a lovely place. It is on Freret and Upperline with easy street parking, high ceilings, and big windows. I love yoga and Nathalie has helped this love grow as well as help me move into poses I never thought I would be able to do.” – Lula Fortis

” I have been attending Nathalie Croix’s classes since last fall when I moved to New Orleans. Each time I leave the studio I feel refreshed, relaxed, de-stressed and invigorated. Anyone interested in yoga, even as a beginner, should try out Shanti Yoga Shala. Nathalie’s impeccable music taste and overall ambiance (incense, homemade essential oils & lavender eye masks) make for a top notch yoga experience. She is both personable and professional and I look forward to attending her class each week.” – Meric Meissner

” Nathalie is beyond helpful and encouraging. I leave her yoga classes smiling and relaxed everytime. She pushes you to your maximum and challenges you to improve your technique and skill. Shanti is spacious, sunny and beautiful. I highly recommend this studio and Nathalie’s classes to everyone.” – Amylee Quarles

” I have never actually been to this physical studio, but I took Nathalie’s Vinyasa out door class at the Rasalila Festival in Tampa FL, last fall, and I absolutely loved the experience. It was a beautiful sunny day, the live music by Wynne Paris was soothing and inspiring. There must have been 50 people, and she lead us all gracefully, through an intense series, and she even walked through the crowd to help me into a handstand, which i really appreciated.” – Erika H.

“Kudos to Shanti Yoga Shala and Superfoods Bar for joining together for a week of Yoga, cleansing and detox. It has been a wonderful experience. The studio is lovely and the instructors are compassionate and well versed in their practice. I had been to Shanti Yoga before and practiced with most of their teachers and have positive and beneficial experiences each time. Because the studio is small, it is worth the tiny effort to sign up in advance to be guaranteed a space. Thank You and Nathalie and Joseph for a fantastic experience!” Steven Furr

” I have been attending classes at Shanti for almost 9 months and I have nothing but positive things to say about Shanti and all of the instructors. While I have attended classes at several other studios to experience different environments, Shanti remains to be my primary place of practice. It’s a comfortable environment and atmosphere for those practicing at all different levels. Located in a beautiful historic New Orleans Shotgun, in the heart of Uptown, the studio is nothing but charming. It’s a wonderful space with a wonderful group of people that are helping to build a healthier and more positive community. I feel amazing and challenged after every class I take. I’m currently enrolled in the Detox program with The SuperFood Bar down the street. As a frequent client of both establishments, it’s an excellent deal, and both Nathalie and Joseph are charging very little for the combined program. It’s simple if one does the math. We’re in day three of the program and I not only feel amazing physically, I feel empowered. Nathalie has also been there every time along the way to answer numerous questions over the phone about diet and my yoga practice. What she’s trying to do is create a community effort where we can cleanse together with delicious food and community yoga practice. It has been a wonderful experience for me.” – Molly Rosenblatt

” My girlfriend and I both started going there last week with our living social coupon for 20 yoga classes. Although this is the first yoga studio I’ve been to, the inside is beautiful and intimate. I’ve only had one instructor thus far — Nathalie, who I’m guessing is the owner, and she is fantastic. She, and I would imagine all the other instructors, come around as everyone is doing the yoga and they’ll help you strike the correct poses and whatnot. Great studio, ideally located for some delicious Tuity Fruity yogurt afteward too!” – Kevin Sloan

” Peaceful atmosphere with teachers who are warm and care about their students’ progress. I started in May, 2011, and am now hooked!” – Emily Yonker

“Shanti has a very intimate vibe, without the rigid tradition that often accompanies yoga studios. The comfortable atmosphere puts you at ease, and the teachers are extremely helpful, without being too in-your-business. A+” – Miles Tamboli

“Shanti Yoga Shala is an excellent place to practice. I have taken classes with four different teachers and each one was wonderful in their own way. Nathalie has an incredible presence and her classes seem to transcend beyond the space of the studio. Lindsay has great energy and helped me to learn how to get the most out of every posture. Katherine’s class really pushed me to the edge of my practice leaving me tired but wanting more.Tucker is a lot of fun and really helped me to learn to enjoy every pose and to stay strong even when I wanted to give up.” Dan B

” If you are looking for well-rounded yoga classes that keep you moving and leave you feeling brand new, come see Nathalie. She’s an amazing teacher who develops her students’ strengths and encourages them to not be afraid of what they need to work on. Her classes have an amazing flow that involves the body, mind, and spirit. For anyone feeling nervous about trying yoga, Nathalie will make you feel comfortable right away and guide you through a practice that’s right for you. Overall, a class with Nathalie is an awesome yoga experience, and you’ll want to come back for more.” Katie S.

” There’s no one like Nathalie. This is reflected in the prices she’s offering, best prices in the city for the best yoga in the city in my opinion and I’ve done all types of yoga, all over the country but this woman embodies yogini with her teaching style, her energy, her supportive and guiding intention is unmatched.Practicing yoga at Shanti Yoga Shala is transforming, truly.
I doubt you’ll go any place else after this.” – Mirna L

” I have attended many yoga classes given by different yoga instructors with very different styles and in various cities/states. The one I took given by Nathalie was definitely one of the best ones that I had that I will not forget. Her true passion for yoga and her dedication and committment to her class and students are unique and very special. I got a heck of a work out and at the same time came out of the class extremely relaxed and in peace.” – Isabel Lima