Our Yoga Teachers

Nathalie Croix

Creative Director and founder of Shanti Yoga Shala.

Nathalie is one of a handful of teachers in the country to be certified by Annie Carpenter  (Los Angeles – CA) in SmartFLOW and the only one in New Orleans.

Nathalie is ERYT 500 hours Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher.

Yoga Alliance -RYS-200S01-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-300

We invite you to join our 200 and 300 Hours Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training Program at Shanti Yoga Shala.


Natalie is consistently finding ways to deepen her practice and teachings of yoga, movement and shakti prana energy  through frequent investigation and inspiration from her mentors, her students, the community, animals and nature.

She has a bachelor’s degree in dance and kinesiology, is a long time yoga practitioner having spent significant time in India during four extensive trips the past ten years,  training at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute., where she studied under the guidance of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath Jois.

She has also extensively studied transcendental meditation (TM), the yoga sutras and philosophy under Dr. M.A. Jayashree and Professor M.A. Narasimha of Mysore, India.

After College Nathalie moved to Los Angeles, where she worked and completed her third teacher training program at YogaWorks with Annie Carpenter,  formerly of the Martha Graham Dance Company  and Lisa Walford, a certified Iyengar instructor.

Her teachings are greatly influenced by also her teachers Seane Corn, Melanie Fawer and Maty Ezraty.

She is eternally grateful to all her teachers, their wisdom and the countless hours they’ve spent together over the many years.

Nathalie assisted Annie Carpenter’s SmartFLOW teacher trainings in Los Angeles at Exhale Center for Yoga . Has been a presenter for Rasa Lila Yoga Festival, assistant teacher for Wanderlust and South East Yoga Conference and travels teaching weekend workshops.

Currently she is a  200 & 300 Hours Teacher Trainer for – Shanti Vinyasa Yoga Trainings RYS (Yoga Alliance Registered)  and  teaches weekly classes at her studio, Shanti Yoga Shala in New Orleans.

She believes teaching yoga is a blessing and it gives us the possibility of realizing our full potential.

Happy Yoga Practice! 

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Elle Sweetland 

Elle Sweetland has a unique understanding of the body in space, which she gained during her years as a pre-professional dancer, dancing with Giacobbe Acadamy in New Orleans for 15 years and spending summers in New York studying at School of American Ballet and at the Martha Graham School. Repetitive and chronic injury led her to her first yoga class in 2007 and has been a practitioner ever since. Elle majored in psychology with an interest and focus on neuroscience and developmental psychology at Colorado College. Starting in 2011 she began to deepen her practice by taking an academic interest in Buddhism and meditation, studying it both in and outside of a classroom setting. After taking a Buddhist course at her college, she attended several meditation and mindfulness retreats in California and Nepal along with a 10-day silent retreat in Thailand. Elle completed her first 350h Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal coupled with a Traditional Thai Massage course with the Yogi-Nomad School. She has traveled to Bihar, India and lived in Swami Satyananda’s ashram for 2.5 months practicing Karma Yoga and participating in ashram life. In 2013 Elle was certified to teach Yoga Nidra through the California College of Ayurveda. She is invested in learning skills to help benefit others and thus will be entering the Occupational Therapy Masters program at LSU Health Sciences Center in January 2015. Currently, she works with special needs children at a pediatric outpatient clinic.

After teaching private classes for the last 2 years, she became a regular student at Shanti Yoga Shala in August 2014. She is currently assisting Nathalie as well as taking the Shanti Yoga 200h Teacher Training.

Elle is first and foremost a regular practitioner of yoga and believer in the healing arts. Yoga asana practice to her is a moving meditation. In her classes she works your body to your edge while emphasizing physical alignment and a feeling of oneness through the breath. The focus of her classes is to help her students to wake up to the now, shift and become more deeply connected in their life so that they can make space and manifest the life they want.

Elle lives in gratitude for her teachers and the experiences she moves through in life (both the good and bad) as they have all led her to this moment. Right now.

Other than sharing her profound love of yoga, Elle’s other passion’s include painting, learning to play the harmonium, and running.

Share in happiness and light at any of her classes for an mindful and soul-full vinyasa flow!

“Awake, arise and go forward to your goal.” Swami Satyananda


Giselle del Castillo
Giselle is originally from the Republic of Panama and has been living in New Orleans for the past 5 years. She is trained in Hotel Management and Human Resources and has always been interested in fitness and wellness.  Two years ago, she stumbled upon Shanti Yoga Shala and found in Yoga a way of expressing the connection between her mind, body and spirit, to better deal with life’s struggles -this was a
 life-changing experience for her. Soon after, a 200hr SmartFlow teacher training came to the studio from Los Angeles and she took the opportunity to deepen her practice.  She has apprenticed with Nathalie Croix for months, and is currently assisting her at Shanti’s 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training.  Giselle is always looking for ways to deepend her pratice attending as many workshops as she can.
 Join her on any of her classes, as she shares her love of yoga with you, one breath and one movement at a time; finding balance, body, mind and
 spirit together as a community.

 “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The BhagaVad Gita
Sam Allouche
Sam was first exposed to yoga as a young child when her mother, an avid yogi, would teach her poses for play. It wasn’t until her college years though that she began to appreciate the practice, noticing its benefits on her mental, physical and spiritual health. Through her years of exploration of different yoga styles, she fell in love with the freedom and creativity that Vinyasa inspired.

Studio owner Nathalie Croix is mostly responsible for Sam’s decision to get certified this past year with Annie Carpenter’s SmartFLOW method, a method that through smart sequencing and specific alignment instruction allows students of all ages and body types to practice yoga safely.

Further, Sam’s classes aim to create a playful space for students to open up to their untapped potential for love and flexibility of mind, body and spirit.

A native of France, Sam also teaches yoga to Kindergarten and 1st graders at the Lycée Français. When she’s not teaching yoga, Sam teaches to 2nd graders at the International School of Louisiana as an ELA remediation specialist. She also handles most of Shanti’s social media.
Rebecca Hutchings
Rebecca has been practicing yoga under Nathalie Croix at Shanti Shala for 3 years, and is dedicated to growing this yoga community.  Her primary focus is vinyasa flow, with an emphasis on breathwork and injury prevention.  Rebecca guides her students through their practice with clear instructions, intelligent sequencing, and hands-on adjustments.  She encourages her students to enjoy the physical challenges of yoga, play with personal limits, and find a quiet mind.
Rebecca was born and raised in Berkeley California.  She discovered yoga while studying medicine in Manhattan, and has now been practicing for over 15 years. In her travels she has been able to study yoga at Kasturba Medical College in Manipal India, as well as Aryuvedic medicine.  Although Rebecca practices traditional western medicine, she believes that adding alternative therapies can be quite beneficial for some of her patients.  She recently completed her 200 hours yoga teacher training with Annie Carpenter’s Smartflow school.

Off the mat, Rebecca is the mother of two lively children, a dog lover, runner, and an Emergency Medicine physician.​


Teacher Training & Deepening Your Practice

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Vinyasa Yoga 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Registered (RYS) Teacher Training with Nathalie Croix

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"Shanti has a very intimate vibe, without the rigid tradition that often accompanies yoga studios. The comfortable atmosphere puts you at ease, and the teachers are extremely helpful, without being too in-your-business. A+" - Miles Tamboli

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