Our Method

Vinyasa Krama Yoga Classes and SmartFLOW

Students work on both flexibility and strength in a fluid sequence.

In these classes you will learn all the classic yoga postures in a safe, supportive, non competitive environment.

 SmartFLOW yoga celebrates the innate intelligence of juicy, flowing movement.

SmartFLOW sequences are intelligently designed for a healthy, long and safe yoga practice.

Vinyasa krama yoga is a root form of Ashtanga Yoga. It employs the vinyasa technique of “connecting postures,” but does not use the six series of postures specific to the Mysore ashtanga yoga system, as outlined by Pattabhi Jois.

“Vinyasa Yoga” connects movement and breath.

A difference from Ashtanga Yoga is, that the yoga postures can be arranged into different sequences that can meet the practitioner’s need or mood.

In All Our Classes :

Practitioners will learn correct body alignment and breathing techniques to cleanse the body and calm the mind.

You will learn to modify this ancient practice to your own individual needs.

Through the use of the breath, the dristi and the bandhas we connect to our subtle body, the invisible practice.

Deepening our  awareness and  transforming our body light.

Finding meditation in movement. Stillness in motion.