Class Levels

Shanti Yoga Shala Class Levels

Yoga Basics
This class is a special level one class, designed for beginners and for students who have never done yoga before.
 In Yoga Basics we moved slower and learn the basic principles of postures and vinyasa yoga practice.

Students will learn correct breathing techniques and how to break down Surya Namaskara A (sun salutation A).

We provide a  lot of verbal instruction and focus on the alignment and movement principles of each posture.

We rarely link postures through a vinyasa in a Yoga Basics class : what this means is that the postures/asanas are taught individually.

Over time, with steady practice and zeal students will build a stronger yoga asana practice.

Level One
This class will focus on basic yoga asana postures. In this class students begin to develop their asana practice and slowly move into linking the postures (asanas) with Sun Salutation A.

Students are given detailed verbal instructions on the principles and basic foundation of every yoga posture practiced in class.Students will begin to understand the nature of vinyasa yoga as: movement linked to breath in a consistent flow.

Level one students are encouraged to stay with level one, yoga basics and all level classes for at least one month before trying higher level classes.

Level Two
This class builds on the foundation which students learned from yoga basics and level one classes.

Regular practice is recommended when attending this class.

In this class students will learn intermediate, more complex asanas/postures. Students will learn Surya Namaskara B (sun salutation B).

In this class we begin to link more postures with the sun salutations and move through more dynamic sequences.

We begin introducing inversions, such as shoulder stand, and “trick poses”, like arm balances such as bakasana (crow pose).

Level two classes offer lot’s of modifications for postures so that your practice can be individualized and move at a comfortable, but challenging pace. If a student is unfamiliar with a posture the teacher will offer an easier or more accessible variation of the asana/posture.

Students are encouraged to stay with level two yoga asana classes for a minimum of one month before moving into higher level classes.

All Levels Class
This class is open to all students regardless of their level or experience in yoga asana. This class offers postures (asanas) learned in Basics Yoga, Level One and Level Two Classes. Instructor will help students modify postures as needed and easier versions of asanas will be offered during practice so students can move at a comfortable pace.

Level Two/Three
Recommended for students with at least 6 months of practice.

This class builds on level two classes and offers a more challenging yoga practice. Cultivating concentration, confidence and endurance by playing the edge while embracing the challenge.

Students work on dynamic sequences linking postures through sun satulations A and B.

Students are taught advanced asanas (postures) and postures which involve the use of many movement principles at once. In this class we learn handstand, scorpio, and deeper backbends.

This class is specially designed for more advanced students who have been practicing regularly – classes may move at a faster pace and with less detailed verbal instructions. Students in a level 2/3 class should be familiar with sun salutations A & B and all basic yoga asana postures.

Level Three/Four
This class is designed for advanced students of yoga asana. Students who attend this class are encouraged to practice yoga asana regularly and frequently and for a minimum of one year.

In this class we will explore advanced sequences and advanced postures. Class moves at a faster pace and offers less warm-up time at the start.

All students are always welcome to attend classes above their level to try out new postures and to observe more difficult postures and sequences.


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