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ASTEYA – the third Yama of the Eight Limbs

ASTEYA – Non Stealing – is the third Yama of the eight limbs. In a very blunt sense yes do not steal, but like many aspects of yoga there are deeper underlying meanings. Are you stealing someone else’s light by always being the one to speak ? Can we practice the art of listening and give our loved ones the

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AHIMSA – Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga

AHIMSA AHIMSA – In Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga – The first limb : The Yamas invited us to take a look at ourselves first and foremost. To awake the divine within. Ahimsa the first of the five Yamas means non-violence / non-harming. All of the other yamas, niyamas and six other limbs are based and built upon ahimsa. So

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Low-Back Pain & Yoga

An estimated 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time. I have suffered from lower back pain this past year and it hasn’t been easy. I see so many of my yoga students suffering from back / lower back pain. As do many people in the world. I do not believe all yoga is recommended!  However, with the

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Full Moon In Capricorn! Hold Your Horses

Happy Full Moon Earthlings! In this Capricorn & Cancer Full Moon You are more in touch with your feelings and so are many around you. Relationships can be intense during this time and so can be the power of manifesting your dreams. What a wonderful thing when our hearts beats! For what other thing makes us feel more alive on

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Happy Cancer New Moon In Summer Solstice Season Earthlings!

Happy Cancer New Moon In Summer Solstice Season Earthlings! Divine Beings Of Light! This new moon is incredibly magical, happening post Summer Solstice – the days are longer now. Here we celebrate The Sun. This is the time of the year when Shakespeare wrote Midnight Summer Dreams – one of my favorite pieces. In this new Summer Solstice cycle we

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Optimal Health, Happiness and Yoga Retreat with Nathalie Croix : Discovering Your Best Self

Umbria, Italy, 2017 Optimal Health, Happiness and Yoga Retreat with Nathalie Croix Discovering Your Best Self Seven days of rejuvenation, adventures, new and old friends, fantastic food, in beautiful Umbria, Italy. When: June 28 – July 5th In this retreat we will have daily vinyasa yoga practice, guided runs and hikes, meditation, journaling and afternoon workshops : including chakra healing practices

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Evolution Is A Choice

Evolution is a choice. In 2017 remove the veils of illusion. This new year is important that we see things for what they really are. Raw. True. Honest. Don’t sugar coat it. Connect to what is, there is empowerment in that: good and bad. A big practice for the yogi is to accept what is. I am committed, especially now,

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Teacher Training 2017

Dear Yogi,   Great to know you are interested in Teacher Training.    We are so excited to present 2017  200 Hours Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Starting in January and On Going.   This training is a life changing experience and deepening your practice on so many levels. We focus on yoga on and off the mat. Yoga as a life

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